Development of Integrated Testing Strategies (ITS)

Animal welfare is for ATC GmbH a very high priority. Therefore, we use, as far as possible, all methods free from animal testing, including the application of theoretical derivations using Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship (QSAR) models to fulfil data requirements and close data gaps, particularly those which legally mandatory.

Based on given data sets, physical-chemical substance parameters, QSAR model calculation as well as by the results of in vitro testing, we develop test strategies together with our clients to aim for reliable toxicity profiles of substances the fact of which does allow, based upon human (environmental) exposure, for determination of risks for adverse effects for human health and the environment.

We are also specialists for complex exposure estimations by using different exposure estimation models, like ConsExpo.

Within our mutually agreed strategy we plan experimental studies. Moreover, we monitor on behalf of our client(s) respectively commissioned eco/toxicological studies (i.e. study monitoring).