Marketability of (consumer) products

Often it needs to be reviewed for assessment of marketability whether a product fulfils basic safety requirements which are often of a toxicological nature or not, for the latter case of which it would not be marketable. If a product is recognized not to fulfil marketability criteria after its market entrance, this may have severe (particularly liability) consequences.

Our expertise in this area comprises consumer products, like clothing material, sanitary hygiene and cosmetic products, etc.

The respective assessment is conducted according to the corresponding legal requirements of the particular product (i.e. cosmetic regulation, medical devices directive, etc.).

If a specific regulation is missing we use instead the European Directive for General Product Safety (GPSD), the German Code for Food, Consumer Goods and Feed (LFGB) or the (German) Product Safety Law (ProdSG).

Marketability can be certified by us due to our state authorized expert status.