Natalia Jansen-Bouriatchenko

Natalia Jansen-Bouriatchenko
Chemist and toxicologist

Natalia Jansen-Bouriatchenko studied biochemistry at Vernadsky University in Ukraine and successfully complete postgraduate studies at the University of Trier for the course of life science studies where she received access authorisation to the conferral of a doctorate.

She worked as a regulatory affairs manager at a consulting company for several years and mainly took part in preparation of dossiers according to the REACH and biocide regulation.

She has special expertise in development of efficient registration strategies by using the read-across methodology that allows for the transfer of existing experimental data to data gaps for analogous/similar substances. Therefore Natalia Jansen-Bouriatchenko uses all available methods for data modelling by using the Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR), the read-across methodology and trend-analysis methods.

She has great experience in creating restriction dossiers according to annex XV of the REACH regulation, including toxicological risk assessments and socio-economic analysis for Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC).

Her assignment includes the creation of expert opinions on toxicological exposure and risk assessments; moreover, she theoretically deviates toxicity profiles for new substances including those for food.

Natalia Jansen-Bouriatchenko has been appointed publicly certified and authorized expert for “Toxicological risk assessments of cosmetics and consumer goods” as acknowledged by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Trier.