ATC GmbH (Applied Tox-Consult) is an independent consulting company that has been founded by Dr. Joachim Haselbach in 2004. Our core competence is to support our clients in the evaluation of all kinds of human and ecotoxicological issues. We aim for most comprehensive, but individual and tailor-made solutions to fulfil the legally mandatory requirements and the safety needs of products.
We do claim for ourselves to translate specific eco/toxicological know-how into a language which can be largely understood also by non-toxicologists. Adapted from those basics, we try to convey, our clients are able to argue by themselves. Specific requirements of our clients are therefore of our highest priority, i.e. best understanding of our client`s concerns and requests is a basic prerequisite.

Before starting our work, we want to acquire a concept together with our clients, on how to find a way to solve the problem.

Our strength lies in our extensive service capabilities based upon our competence in all eco/ toxicological disciplines. We are focused on various legal areas and assess the safety, and if needed, the marketability of all kinds of products. These are besides others, cosmetics, medical devices, detergents and articles of daily use, i.e. sanitary hygiene products, clothing and packaging materials.

Our clients benefit from our long-time experience and specific know-how of our staff with their expert knowledge. Our consulting is absolutely up-to-date and we do know the relevant current legal status of all applicable legal obligations.

We work in the national as well as in the international field, for private persons, small, intermediate huge enterprises and for public institutions. We prepare evaluations of substances and products and certify their marketability, are engaged in safety issues with regard to control of raw materials, support the registration/notification/authorization of substances and act as monitors for eco/toxicological studies, besides our general consulting.

Our biggest asset is a most trustful cooperation with our clients which results in optimal and high quality solutions for the individual problems of our clients. To ensure for our independence we refrain from agreements concerning placement of orders with external laboratories.

Due to our professional support we guarantee the safety of your data. A responsible handling with your confidential data is well understood; we would be pleased to sign with you respective confidentiality agreements.

With the help of a huge network of additional competences, i.e. for analytical, microbial, toxicological, dermatological testing, etc., we can serve you through one source.