Edwin Efa (M.Sc.)

Edwin Efa (M.Sc.)

Edwin Efa studied at LMU in Munch and KNUST in Kumasi, Ghana. He is Master of Science in “Experimental Pathology and Toxicology” of the University of London “Royal Postgraduate Medical School”.

Edwin Efa is toxicologist of the “Royal Society of Biology/British Toxicological Society” and “Eurotox Registered Toxicologist” (ERT). Furthermore, he was engaged for more than 20 years at the “Chemicals Regulatory Directorate, Health and Safety Executive”, the authority for registration of substances in Great Britain (like for chemicals (REACH), biocides (BPR) and pesticides (PPPR)).

For several years, he worked as an independent expert on the toxicological assessment of substances for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and supported the work of the Advisory Committee on Pesticides (ACP, Committee of Toxicity (CoT), OECD shadow group).

As a member of the ATC Team Edwin Efa prepares dossiers of substances and products according to international requirements, i.e. for EFSA and ECHA. Hence Edwin Efa assesses scientific and epidemiological studies and performs literature research, works on data gap analysis, and prepares evaluation for the validity of published scientific data; he provides consulting in the area of the feasibility of regulatory action and how to find sustainable solutions. He conducts exposure and risk assessments.