In recent years we worked on different issues for our clients. Please find a small choice of our formerly and actual projects:

  • Human toxicological evaluation of certain ingredients of inks for printing cardboards and boxes for food packaging
  • Human toxicological evaluation on benzophenone derivatives for Schmid-Rhyner AG, Switzerland
  • Toxicological evaluation of tropane alcaloids in food
  • Evaluation of heating patches
  • „Safety clearance and legal compliance“ of printing inks for use in sanitary products
  • Human toxicological evaluation of brewery pitch as a coating for beer barrels
  • Human toxicological evaluation of cooling and heating convector fluids (ANTIFROGEN®) for the food industry (Clariant AG)
  • Human toxicological evaluation of products from the company Akemi (available at [»])
  • Evaluation of aflatoxins as contaminants in food
  • Support of strategies and safety evaluation of recycled post-consumer plastics for Werner and Mertz GmbH (available at [»])
  • Evaluation of cleaning agents for surfaces with contact to food
  • Safety evaluation of cosmetic ingredients
  • Evaluation of extractables and leachables from containers for medicinal products and their precursors
  • Evaluation of materials for use in medical devices
  • Toxicological evaluation of recycled material for APK-AG (available at [»])