Toxicological risk assessment of substances and products

We create, suitable for your requirements, eco/toxicological assessments specific for the use(s) of your substance(s) and product(s) (i.e. like for cleaning and coating agents for kitchen surfaces with food contact).

Relevant assessments aim also for undesired contaminants (called NIAS) for example in food or consumer products and sanitary products or clothing.

We perform safety assessments of cosmetic ingredients and of finished cosmetic products corresponding to annex I of the European cosmetic regulation. To that end, we prepare a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) including a risk assessment based upon an exposure analysis.

Risk assessment includes various legal prerequisites, i.e. for example for extractables and leachables due to pharmaceutical law(s), derivation of threshold values for workplaces, i.e. Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL)) taking into account personal protective regulations and also calculation of safety ranges (i.e. Margin of Safety (MoS)) for cosmetic products.

The appropriate assessment of possible hazards for human health comprises an expert opinion/certificate which we execute based upon a private mandate as well as for a court after the issue of an order to take evidence.